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Anzhixing Pure Water Machine AZX-2100-100C
Anzhixing Front Water Purifier AZX-QZ-03
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"Anzhixing" is a brand of water purifiers under Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1996 and is a national high-tech enterprise certified by the state. For many years, we have been adhering to the purpose of "improving water quality and benefiting mankind". The main products of household water purifiers, water purifiers and other products have been among the best online sales for several years ... Read More

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  • Anzhixing leading water purifier AZX-JSQ-05

  • Anzhixing leading water purifier AZX-JSQ-11

  • Anzhixing leading water purifier AZX-JSQ-06

Water purifier investment

Anzhixing Brand Building

Anzhixing builds its brand through multiple channels such as CCTV advertising, high-speed rail advertising, outdoor advertising, media reports, brand video, and public welfare activities, making the brand building system more comprehensive!

Investment promotion policy support

An Zhixing's strong support has helped water purifier franchisees to quickly open the road to wealth creation. Joining An Zhixing does not require a joining fee, and is supported by eight investment promotion policies!

Water purifier joining advantages

Anzhixing has 22 years of experience in water purification. The cost-effective quality of water purifier products is guaranteed. The advantages of Anzhixing's 6 major brands are witnessed by more than 600 franchisees nationwide!

Water purifier manufacturers show

The factory is strong, has thousands of flat production plants, professional dust-free production workshops, multiple production lines, laboratories, fully automatic packaging workshops, forming a complete industrial chain.

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