Water purifier products
Front water purifier 3T large flow
Anzhixing AZX-QZ-03
Heating and drinking, warm and pure
Anzhixing AZX-2100-75B
The new era of intelligent control
Anzhixing AZX-2100-100C
Hot water doesn't wait for hot black technology
Anzhixing AZX-2100-75S

Technology highlights

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100G high-throughput double purification

The water flow path has been shortened by 75%, and the use efficiency of imported RO has been fully improved. The water production rate has been increased by 50%, and the service life of the diaphragm has been extended.

No surface reverse osmosis depth purification

More professional water purification filtration system, reverse osmosis ultra-nano technology triple deep water purification allows you to drink pure water of glycol

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