The Anzhixing brand aims to improve water quality and quality of life. More in line with the consumption concepts and habits of the people in the 80s and 90s. While guaranteeing quality, the quality of life has improved along with providing a guarantee for the living environment.
"China Water Purification Expert", which started in 1996, is a strategic brand of Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. With the company's high hopes, Anzhixing has already solved the problem of safe drinking water for millions of domestic household users. Prior to the birth of Anzhixing, the company had a long-term future plan for it. The brand name "An Zhixing", "An" means health and safety meaning safety and peace of mind; "Zhi" means "tolerance"; "Star" is so bright that it means the company intends to build a water purifier The brightest star in the industry, protecting the safety of drinking water for residents.

Health and safety means not only peace of mind, but also health

The tolerant and tolerant help also helps you get clean water and tolerate all your likes and dislikes

Excellent and quality stars, the essence of all things, to be a trusted company, to give high standards of quality

Leap and aggressive leap icon A star rising in the field of water purification
Over the years, Anzhixing has solved the problem of drinking water for tens of millions of users, and has won widespread trust and praise. In the field of drinking fountains, water purifiers, and terminal water supply, the company has always been at the forefront of the industry. All independently developed products have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China. The company has won a number of national level including "National Advanced Enterprise in Quality Inspection", "Top Ten Brands in China's Water Purification Industry", "China Quality Association Unit", "Integrity Enterprise Alliance Unit", "Water Purifier E-commerce Pioneer Award" Honors and provincial and municipal industry honors.
Video has always been one of the important links in the brand promotion of Anzhixing. Since 2013, the company has vigorously promoted the video. In just 2 years, it has launched "Anzhixing Little Apple", "Bringing Health Home" and " Many works such as Anzhixing Lab and Xingzai Legend are intended to convey the healthy and happy mentality to the audience through the feelings expressed in the video. There are not only products with more connotation, but also highlighting Anzhixing's happy culture and health. The importance of culture in the Anzhixing brand. In September 2015, Anzhixing landed on CCTV ads, marking a new milestone for Anzhixing's video promotion.
Since 2008, An Zhixing has been continuously investing in social welfare. It has reached the 8th station in 10 years. Among the donors, there are victims who have lost their homes due to the earthquake and students who are unable to continue school because of poverty. There are children who have not cared for a long time because of left-behind problems; there are "mother water kiln" charities that represent the great motherly love, and environmental sanitation workers who reflect the poor working environment of the city's bottom. The actual action establishes the social responsibility that a brand should have.
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