Water purification investment advantages

How to choose a joining brand

An Zhixing analyzes from 4 aspects, how to choose a good brand

Choose a well-known brand

Comprehensive online and offline advertising investment, broad customer base, clear brand positioning

Choose a cost-effective brand

Long product line, rich products, own factory quality assurance, better cost control and price

Choose a strong brand

Set research and development, production, sales and service in one, many technology research and development won the national patent certificate

Choose a historic brand

Focused on the water purification industry for 22 years and has stood the test of time and market

company profile

Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise. Over the years, it has been focusing on the field of water treatment, integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It is now a benchmarking enterprise for domestic water purifiers with strong competitiveness. The company's "Anzhixing" brand is one of the top ten brands in China's water purification industry, and its products have water-related approvals. Anzhixing has a complete and systematic marketing and publicity system. At present, it has more than 600 franchisees across the country ...

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Enterprise honor

All products independently developed by Anzhixing have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China. The products sold have passed the relevant production licenses of the Ministry of Health. Nearly a hundred national honors and provincial and municipal honors such as “Brand”, “E-commerce Pioneer Award”, “National Trustworthy Product” and “National Typical Enterprise of Quality and Integrity Benchmarking”.

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Six advantages

Anzhixing invites you to start a win-win era. 0 initial fee to seize wealth opportunities!

branded advantages:

1. Anzhixing is a water purifier brand under Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd., which started in 1996;
2. Anzhixing's 2013-2017 Tmall sales continued to rank top;
3. Anzhixing has more than 600 franchisees across the country, serving nearly 10 million users.

price advantage:

1.Owning a 5,000 square meter factory and own R & D team, manufacturers directly supply to reduce the middleman process, and directly benefit dealers;
2. Anzhixing's 22-year-old brand has a strong supplier system and provides competitive supply prices under the same configuration;
3. Anzhixing has a complete retail price guide price system, which allows dealers at all levels to see at a glance.

product technologies:

1.22 years of production research and development, obtained many national patent certificates, has domestic leading drinking water purification treatment technology;
2. Intelligent computer control, water and electricity separation, RO / ultrafiltration single machine dual water outlet technology, etc., have industry advantages;
3. New products that meet the market and user needs are continuously launched every year to enhance the competitiveness of franchising agents in the regional market.


1. The company provides Anzhixing specialty store image specification and VI image standard design;
2.Professional marketing planning, printing of promotional materials, on-site sales promotion leaflets, leaflets, brand image accessories and other timely and free delivery;
3. Anzhixing's network promotion forms are available, and support for setting up advertising costs for franchisees.

Market support:

1. The company provides product training, marketing training, after-sales training and other training courses that are helpful for sales;
2.Send an elite team composed of company marketing consultants and business backbones to field market assistance to key regional markets;
3. Assist dealers to operate regional markets, organize various activities, and provide one-on-one marketing guidance to dealers.

Policy incentives:

1. The company promised not to develop a second general distributor in the same area by means of a distribution agreement;
2. The company has set a strict penalties policy for cross-regional channeling of goods to protect the exclusive rights of general distributors in the region;
3. Set up a stepped sales rebate policy on holidays and cash in time, and organize various promotional activities to benefit dealers.
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